Hey there, mama-to-be!

Are you ready to feel empowered during your pregnancy? We’re sensing strong “yes” vibes.

Are you ready to feel empowered during your pregnancy?

Welcome to Bump & Beyond

Our Bump & Beyond program arms you with modern evidence-based knowledge to put you and your baby’s wellness first. 

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How it works

Enjoy three personalised one-to-one appointments with our trained women’s health specialists at critical points in your pregnancy and postpartum journey. You’ll learn how to prepare your body for birth, manage changes that occur, and recover with confidence. Trust us, we’ve got you and your blossoming belly covered!

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Birth Prep 1

25 weeks

After your big morphology scan (usually between 18-20 weeks), you’ll attend your first Birth Prep session to learn about your body and how to prepare your body for the best birth possible. 

Here we will:

  • Complete a full pelvic floor assessment
  • Assess your risk for perineal tears
  • Review your pushing technique

Birth Prep 2

31-35 weeks

As your due date approaches, we’ll check in on your body and put any final Birth Prep pieces in place. Our goal is that you leave feeling confident and prepared for the arrival of your little one. Your partner is welcome to attend this session.

Here we will:

  • Teach you perineal massage techniques
  • Practise active labour positions
  • Prep for early postpartum recovery
  • Fit you for medical compression wear to aid recovery (if you choose).

Postpartum Check Up

6-weeks postpartum

You just created a whole new human being (what a rockstar!). We’ll assess changes in your body, offer direction to support your recovery, and create a plan to have you feeling your best.

Here we will:

  • Complete a pelvic floor assessment
  • Assess abdominal separation
  • Create your return to exercise plan 

You’ll also get the following bonuses

Total investment FROM $495

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You and that bump of yours are one-of-a-kind, and you deserve a wellness plan that’s as unique as you are.

If you require or would like the guidance of a senior women’s health physiotherapist for your Bump & Beyond journey please book with Danni or Katrina below.


  • Make educated and empowered decisions in labour
  • Take charge of your birthing experience 
  • Learn to trust your natural mama instincts 
  • Move your body with confidence during exercise and labour 
  • Proactively manage pregnancy pain & discomfort
  • Discover a new level of appreciation for what your body is capable of 
  • Make informed choices for your ongoing wellbeing
  • Feel proud of the way you’ve honoured your body & your baby

…then our Bump & Beyond program is for you!

You can talk to your gal pals and Google everything under the sun about pregnancy & birth. But nothing compares to getting tailor-made solutions that support YOUR body and what YOU need for birth and beyond. We would love to guide you through this transformative time.

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I felt so much more confident going into birth knowing my body and feeling prepared to make decisions that were right for me.