Pregnancy & Postnatal services

Tune into your body and the changes occuring

Having a baby is one of the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life. Your body, mind, and spirit go through seismic shifts. Our women’s health services are here to support you through this exciting, and let’s be real, slightly overwhelming time.

We’re on a mission to normalise the changes occurring in your body at every stage of your pregnancy and postnatal journey. Our modern, evidence-based practices will help you move and nourish your body safely through each trimester and beyond.

Your wellness journey

Your experience with the Wellness Boutique will be unique—like pregnancy and childbirth, no two journeys are the same. Here are the services we offer and some suggested timings.

Pregnancy Pilates assessment

Start with a Pregnancy Pilates assessment with one of our women’s health physiotherapists before joining our Pregnancy classes. We talk about your general health, your pregnancy so far, and discuss any pre-existing injuries or conditions.

We look at how you move and assess strength, weaknesses, alignment, balance, posture. We may do an external ultrasound, only with your consent, and get you feeling confident on our Pilates reformers. Our goal is to find your baseline and get you and bub moving safely so that we can manage any changes through pregnancy and beyond.

When to book: You can book an assessment anytime throughout your pregnancy prior to joining Pregnancy Pilates classes.

Pregnancy Pilates Burleigh Gold Coast
Pregnancy Pilates Burleigh Gold Coast

Pregnancy reformer pilates

Nourish your body and connect with other pregnant women as you go through your pregnancy. Our pregnancy reformer pilates classes are a safe and effective way to build strength and stay fit during pregnancy. We offer two class types, one is a group reformer style class, the other a circuit style class. 

When to start: Often, you can safely begin to exercise in your first trimester and continue right through to when the baby arrives. If you already have a regular Pilates practice in place, you can make the switch to pregnancy pilates when you notice your body changing.

Postnatal assessment

Your body has just created human life—it’s a huge accomplishment and a profoundly transformative experience. We recommend all new mamas have a postnatal check-up to assess changes in the body and gain tailored recommendations to help you recover safely.

This appointment will often include a pelvic floor assessment, learn more here. After your initial assessment, we will create a plan to suit your needs and goals, which may consist of 1:1 physiotherapy sessions, 1:1 exercise sessions, or approval to join mums & bubs reformer Pilates classes.

When to book: Soak up the newborn bubble and come and see us anytime after 6+ weeks postpartum. If you do have a specific challenge or concern (vaginal bulge, abdominal separation or pain) you can book an early postnatal appointment or call us if you would like to discuss first, we’re here to help.

Postnatal Physiotherapy Burleigh Gold Coast
Postnatal Pilates Mums and Bubs Burleigh Gold Coast

Mums & bubs reformer pilates

Return to exercise safely with your bubs by your side. These classes are supervised by a women’s health specialist and offer a strictly no judgement zone. It’s a place for you to ease back into exercise, connect with your body, and build strength again with other mums in the same boat as you.

When to book: You will need to complete a postnatal assessment before joining these classes, but often once you have your doctor’s clearance at six weeks, and are feeling ready, you are welcome to join.

Postnatal massage

Motherhood takes a toll on your body. Getting stuck under a sleeping newborn can leave you in some less-than-ideal postures, plus breastfeeding and holding a baby all day can cause shoulder and neck pain. 

Postnatal massage is a fantastic way to alleviate aches, pains, and give back to yourself as a new mother. It can also lift your mood and support recovery. Our trained myotherapist offers a beautiful experience to unwind, nourish and realign.

When to book: Women who have had a vaginal birth without complication can book as soon as they feel ready. However, if you had a c-section, it is best to wait 4 weeks until the wound has healed.

Pregnancy Postnatal Massage Burleigh Gold Coast

Bump & Beyond Program

Our Bump & Beyond program arms you with modern evidence-based knowledge to put you and your baby’s wellness first. 

Get three personalised one-to-one appointments with our trained women’s health specialists at critical points in your pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

You’ll learn how to prepare your body for birth, manage changes that occur, and recover with confidence. Trust us, we’ve got you and your blossoming belly covered!

Why choose The Wellness Boutique?

We offer a safe environment with qualified specialists that put mums and bubs’ wellbeing first. Classes are led and supervised by a women’s physiotherapist who has completed graduate studies in women’s health and pelvic floor training to ensure you are practising safely and gently.

Before your first reformer pilates class

Before attending a pilates class for the first time, you will need to book a private women’s health consultation to align with the stage you’re in—pregnancy or postnatal. This helps us explore any symptoms you may be experiencing and assess your general health. Once we have a deep understanding of your unique needs and goals, we will tailor a wellness plan to suit.

pilates Class descriptions


Nourish your body, adapt to new limitations, and connect with other women in this gentle group class. This class focuses on moving as a group through alignment and toning exercises to support you throughout your pregnancy.


Challenge your strength and connect with other women during your pregnancy in this circuit-style class. This class offers plenty of variety and guides you through exercises that use a full range of Pilates equipment beyond the reformer machine.


Whether you want to regain core strength after pregnancy and childbirth or open your chest and shoulders while breastfeeding, this class will help. Bring bubs with you and feel free to stop to breastfeed or comfort bubs at any time. It’s a no judgement zone.

First class free

Enjoy a free Pregnancy Pilates or Mums & Bubs Pilates class with your first pregnancy or postnatal assessment. *For new clients.


Pregnancy Pilates assessment (45min): $135
Postnatal assessment (60min): $185

Pregnancy Pilates assessment with Senior Physiotherapist (45min): $150
Postnatal assessment with Senior Physiotherapist (60min): $205

Pregnancy & Postnatal FAQ


My core has never been this lean and strong before. My body is more balanced, and I feel better post-pregnancy than I have ever felt.

Have another question?

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call, and we can help you decide what’s best for you.