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For Every Body

Pilates has evolved from the initial method coined by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s through to the incredible all-over workout that benefits your body, mind and soul we know and love today.

At The Wellness Boutique, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the Pilates method, because it supports you throughout every stage of your life. And that’s our philosophy, too. We work with you to adapt it to any person, activity level or injury, no matter your circumstances.

We focus on improving flexibility, postural awareness, full body strengthening and the all-important core stability that will support your body’s movement throughout your life, reducing aches and pains – so you can continue to live the life of your dreams.

Our Group Physiotherapy Sessions, Private 1:1’s and Private Small Group Sessions can be claimed on your private health insurance following an initial assessment.

what kind of pilates do you need?

Group Pilates Classes

This is a mix of traditional and modern Pilates and strength training that really focuses on your fitness.


Reformer Pilates is the ideal way to reset your body, improve your posture, and strengthen your core to improve your overall wellbeing. If you have been injured in the past, Pilates is a safe way to strengthen weaknesses and to create the balanced body you have always wanted. Our classes are small with a maximum of 6 people and our instructors focus on technique and take care with each individual in correcting and programming accordingly. If you are looking for a Pilates Reformer class that will be challenging and rewarding in its results, you have come to the right place! To view our pricing options download our app "The Wellness Boutique" and select the 'buy' tab to view the different packages available.

Don’t worry if you’re new to Pilates - we’ll walk you through all of the equipment and moves. It’s best to start with a one-on-one session with one of our physiotherapists or pilates instructors so we can show you everything you need to know and ensure you get the most out of your classes. For those more experienced pilates goers who have a good understanding of the fundamentals we'd love to see you in our reformer classes!

And check out our introductory offers to see if you’re eligible for a first-time discount or contact us at hello@thewellnessboutique.com.au and we’ll find the best way to get your started on your Pilates journey.

Reformer Pilates Classes -
Drop in: $35
4 Class Pack: $120 (1 month expiry)
8 Class Pack: $224 (3 month expiry)

Reformer Pilates Memberships via weekly direct debit: (Minimum 12 week contract)
2 Classes per week: $55
3 Classes per week: $65
4 Classes per week: $75
*T&Cs apply to memberships

3 reformer pilates classes for $50
*Valid for 2 weeks from the date of the first class*
Valid on Reformer Pilates Classes only. Excludes pre/postnatal pilates & group physiotherapy classes.

Specialised Pilates Programs


The Group Physiotherapy Program (previously known as Clinical Pilates) is perfect for you if you require a bit more attention to your activity. For example, if you’re in the midst of rehabilitation, injury or pain management, have specific sporting goals or want whole body conditioning and fitness, then the Group Physiotherapy Program is the best fit for you. Our highly trained and qualified Physiotherapists will take you through an initial assessment prior to you beginning the 8 week program, but we guarantee you’ll be amazed at what your body will achieve with this little extra focus. Our Group Physiotherapy sessions will help you with:

  • Low back or neck pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sporting injuries and other musculoskeletal pain
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Scoliosis management
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor balance and stability

Get the ultimate 1:1 coaching with our private classes, or train with a family member or friend in our semi-private (two people) and small group (up to three people) training – these are all conducted by one of our amazing qualified Physiotherapists, who will give you the personalised guidance and attention you need. The even better news? These sessions can be claimed on your private health insurance following an initial assessment.


Because of the personalised nature of these sessions, they’re by appointment only. If you’re new to The Wellness Boutique, just send us an email to hello@thewellnessboutique.com.au and we’ll help you out with one of our exclusive intro offers, saving you $$!

Pregnancy Pilates

Yay! You’re expecting a baby and we’re so excited for you. And yes, in case you were wondering, Pilates is a great way to keep active during this amazing time in your life. It’s low impact, low weight bearing and above all, it’s so much fun! Our classes are all fully supervised and run by qualified Physiotherapists who have also completed additional training that specialises in women’s health and pelvic floor. We will walk you through an initial assessment before you start a class, just to make sure we are working towards your specific goals together. We make sure the sessions are safe, inclusive and welcoming – so that if you have any questions about your body during this exciting time, you have the best people available to help you out! You’ll also meet some like-minded mums who are on this journey with you.

Intro offer:
Initial consultation + 1 class (essentially the first class is free!) for $120.

Valid on pregnancy and postnatal Pilates. Valid for 7 days from first consultation. Get started by emailing hello@thewellnessboutique.com.au and ask about our introductory offers for new clients. We can’t wait to see you!

Postnatal Pilates (for mums and bubs)

So now that your little miracle is earth-side, you want to get back into your fitness routine safely and without injury. And it’s a no-brainer that you want to bring that little bundle of joy with you! That’s why our postnatal Pilates classes are perfect for new mums. Once your doctor has advised you that you’re all good to get back into exercise, we’ll go through an initial assessment to make sure we are on the same page as you make the shift into this new and exciting stage of your life. All of our postnatal classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists who specialise in women’s health and all the fun things that come with having babies (ie strengthening your pelvic floor!). We make sure each session is safe, fun and full of effective exercises that are specific to your body’s needs and the changes it goes through post-baby. The best bit is being able to bring your newborn with you to class! It’s a great bonding experience for both you and your baby – plus you’ll meet other mums and bubs and make long-lasting connections with them, too.

Intro offer:
Initial consultation + 1 class (essentially the first class is free!) for $150.

Valid on pregnancy and postnatal Pilates. Valid for 7 days from first consultation. Get started by emailing hello@thewellnessboutique.com.au and ask about our introductory offers for new clients. We can’t wait to see you!

Coming Soon - Yoga

Therapeutic yoga and meditation

We know how important calming the mind is, but so many of us push this to the bottom of our to-do list. Make time for yourself and wind down with a calming and balancing yoga and meditation class. This is the perfect balance to a busy schedule or tough workout regime. Stretch and lengthen your muscles while working on posture, breathing and relaxation.

Prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is the perfect time to relax your mind and get in tune with your body (and connect with your little miracle growing inside you!). In a specialised prenatal yoga class, we’ll offer movements that are safe to do in pregnancy and will also help your body prepare for the amazing thing it’s about to do – give birth!


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